Mortgage Review

For Angel

Going through my clients and putting a Total Cost Analysis together evaluating if refinancing makes sense with you paying off in the same time frame and what it would look like if you took all the savings and applied to your principal.

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Recent Reviews

"My lone was very complex with a lot of different Factors he was able to explain an noticed all the different variables Wich made the process very easy"


– Matthew S in Fresno, CA

"Troy was always available for question and always responded in more than reasonable time! He treats everyone like family 😊"


– Alissa S in Fresno, CA

"Troy’s communication with me and helping me understand the process was very appreciated."


– Bryan W in Clovis, CA

"Thanks Troy"


– Roger A in Clovis, CA

"He’s a cool Dude!"


– Manion E in Fresno, CA